12 Places to Find Online Transcription Jobs, Plus How Much Each Company Pays

Im still doing transcription jobs from house, and even though my family is growing and keeping me busier than ever, Im likewise making more money from transcription than ever previously as I improve at my work and find terrific consumers.
It has tests that you need to finish before youre worked with– the Rev transcription test and grammar test– but it appears to always have work readily available.
The present pay rate is unpredictable, the website says it pays competitively for transcription work. Rev.
One of the biggest and most well-known popular companiesBusiness Rev always seems appears be hiring employing with applicantsCandidates Focus Forward is another transcription business service lets you work as little or as much as you pickSelect The existing pay rate is uncertain, the site states it pays competitively for transcription work.

One of the most significant and most well-known transcription companiesBusiness Rev always appears to be hiring working with applicantsCandidates Focus Forward is another transcription organization that lets you work as little or as much as you pick. Deposition Services, Inc. supplies a two-week online training program for its legal transcription work. The existing pay rate doubts, the website says it pays competitively for transcription work. When I compute my per hour rate for transcription jobs, I generally make in between $30 to 45 per hour.

I love typing, but I have definitely no imaginative composing capability. ZERO. Ive blogged in the past, however it generally implies sitting for hours at my computer system with a couple of clumsy sentences made up and no principles for how to proceed.
When I got pregnant with my very first kid, I wanted to take something I comprehended I was truly proficient at– punctuation, typing and grammar– and turn it into an income-generating side gig I might carry out in your house.
I discovered a course, Transcribe Anywhere, and rapidly understood I had actually discovered something that was going to work for me and assist me discover transcription tasks that create extra earnings. If you desire details.), (Heres The Write Lifes assessment of the Transcribe Anywhere course.
Typing specifically what I speak with audio requires no creativity, unless you count the creative punctuation required to separate someones looooong run-on sentence into smaller sized pieces.
What it does need is all of the crucial things I currently knew I excelled at, and the course taught me how to use those capabilities to build a company.
Now 2 years later on, I have 3 kids (yep … a two-year-old, a one-year-old, and a newborn. No, we dont get much sleep). Im still doing transcription jobs from home, and even though my household is growing and keeping me busier than ever, Im likewise making more cash from transcription than ever formerly as I improve at my work and discover terrific clients.
I work part-time working as a remote transcriptionist, about 20 hours a week, and Im regularly able to generate around $2,000 each month for my household
Where to look for transcription jobs
If youre wanting to enter into the world of transcription, Ive produced a list of company where you must consider searching for work, consisting of several alternatives for legal transcription jobs.
Theyre loosely bought according to just how much experience you need to work there and just how much you can expect to make through those tasks. So if youre going for online transcription tasks for newbies, the very first few items on this list are the absolute best location to begin.
Keep in mind that a lot of these companies pay on a per audio minute rate, which does not relate to the length of time it needs to transcribe it.
The basic requirement in the transcription market is a 4:1 ratio, indicating it typically takes around four minutes to transcribe one minute of audio.
Heres where to try to find online transcription tasks
1. Rev.
One of the biggest and most well-known transcription business, Rev continuously seems employing new candidates. It has tests that you require to finish before youre worked with– the Rev transcription test and grammar test– however it appears to constantly have work readily offered.
Normally, you can pick your own schedule and do as much or as little work as you desire.
Rev has a track record for low pay, about 30 cents to $1.10 per audio or video minute. However if you wish to begin and have a totally flexible schedule while youre knowing and constructing your abilities, this may be a good fit. Its also a method to try out online transcription tasks and make some money to see if you enjoy it prior to you purchase training.
No experience is needed, although you do have to pass a test. Rev also has alternatives for video captioning work, which pays at 54 cents to $1.10 per audio or video minute, and if you know a foreign language, subtitle work for $1.50 to $3 per audio or video minute.
My pal and coworker Kristie Cooley started working for Rev and states: “I took pleasure in being able to go to at any time of the day to select work. Its system is likewise super easy to use!” On the other side, nevertheless, she similarly reported that individuals who grade your completed records can be irregular and deal various guidelines or feedback.
2. TranscribeMe.
If youre looking for online transcription jobs for newbies, transcribeme is another excellent option.
The organization only pays 25 cents per audio minute, however they break all of their become smaller pieces of 2 to 4 minutes. That makes this company an excellent alternative if you have just a restricted quantity of time to purchase transcription or if you wish to get experience with a big variety of audio items.
3. SyncScript.
SyncScripts pay rate still isnt impressive, however its higher than the extremely first 2 options on this list, beginning at 57 cents or 63 cents per audio minute based on the assignment type. This is another company to consider if youre wishing to get your feet wet in the transcription industry.
The company requires a typing speed of 70+ words per minute and 98 percent accuracy. It likewise needs brand-new candidates to transcribe a seven-minute test audio and pass a grammar test.
Cooley states about working for SyncScript: “Their interaction is remarkable! Each and every single one of the files that Ive gotten are very clear audio.”.
4. Focus Forward.
Focus Forward is another transcription service that lets you work as little or as much as you pick. It does all kinds of transcription, from focus groups, conferences, and TELEVISION logging. The business pays 40 cents per audio minute, paid biweekly by methods of PayPal, with chances to get included in higher-paying tasks the longer youre with the service. It, too, requires applicants to pass a transcription test to quality.
5. Daily Transcription.
Daily Transcription frequently promotes for new transcriptionists to join their group, and it pays a greater rate than a few of the organization explained above, about 75 cents to 85 cents per audio minute.
It offers training so you can find out as you go, and it pays weekly by means of check. Its work tends to concentrate on video and tv transcription, however youll similarly discover some scholastic and legal work.
Daily Transcription needs an abilities evaluation test and a transcription test to get started, and you require to have typing skills of a minimum of 50 words per minute.
6. Ubiqus.
I spent a long time working for Ubiqus when I first got begun, so I can validate this is a great service to work for. The company uses general, legal, and medical transcription jobs.
Ubiqus pay structure is a little bit various than many other organization; it pays per word rather of per audio minute. The rate of pay differs depending on the material of the audio.
Its tough to compare a per-word rate with a per-minute rate, and there are a great deal of variables such as how rapidly or gradually somebody talks, however it roughly averages out to around $1 per audio minute, provide or take. I personally select a per-minute rate, due to the truth that then you understand specifically just how much a task will pay you prior to you start it. With a per-word rate, you genuinely have no concept just how much youll make on a job until youve already finished it.
7. Allegis.
Allegis focuses on all sorts of industries, including insurance coverage and legal transcription (so this company would be an outstanding fit if you choose to take the legal variation of the Transcribe Anywhere course, where I did my training).
Business in many cases posts openings for newbies without any transcription experience. You simply need to watch on their task posts.
Rates are proportional to the client contract, so Allegis doesnt supply pay rates on its site. Plus, the amount you make for transcription jobs depends upon how quick (and correctly) you can finish the task.
Glassdoor reports that per hour pay ranges from $2 to $36 for transcribing jobs, while one Reddit user states you can anticipate to make $15 to $20 per hour if you type 100 or more words per minute.
Its challenging to compare a per-page or per-hour rate with a per-audio-minute rate, however normally you have more making power as a legal transcriptionist than a basic transcriptionist due to the fact that it is a specific field. Legal transcription tasks are generally formatted extremely precisely, with specific margins, a set range of lines per page, and a particular number of characters per line, so each page is the precise same quantity of typing.
I have not dealt with Allegis personally, but transcriptionist buddies of mine state it needs a weekly quota from transcriptionists, so you do not have rather the exact same degree of flexibility. It likewise has quantity of times with less work easily offered, so its not constantly consistent.
This is another option for finding legal transcription tasks. Deposition Services, Inc. supplies a two-week online training program for its legal transcription work.
It pays a per-page rate, however it doesnt specify openly what that rate is, only that it equates to out to about $15 to $20 per hour.
9. Audio Transcription Center.
The Audio Transcription Center has a greater pay rate than a lot of the formerly listed business for its freelance transcription tasks: $1 per audio minute.
Its transcription test is tough, and youll likely need a good quantity of experience– especially with focus groups consisting of numerous speakers– to pass it.
Much of its work concentrates on oral history interviews and focus groups. It has an online application and needs a cover and resume letter. It similarly requires a screenshot of a typing test showing an efficiency of 75 words per minute or more with a minimum of 98% accuracy.
10. TranscriptionServices.com.
Another company that reports its always utilizing remote transcriptionists is TranscriptionServices.com.
It needs that you pass a 10-minute test in order to join the group, and it explains that it includes pretty challenging audio. Based upon the problem of its test, this company sounds finest matched to those who currently have some experience with online transcription tasks under their belts.
Transcriptionists who deal with this service have complete adaptability to set their own schedule with no production dedications. Though today pay rate is unsure, the website states it pays competitively for transcription work. It used to start at $25 per audio hour for really clear audio up to $50 per audio hour for the most tough audio.
One notable fact about this company is what it calls its social goal: “For every order, we provide a months worth of listening gadgets batteries to a recipient in a developing nation.”.
11. GMR Transcripts.
GMR Transcription works with universities, federal government and medical companies, non-profit organizations and more, so you can expect legal, scholastic and medical online transcription tasks if you deal with this company.
It does not list pay rates on its website, business says, “Our transcriptionists/translators typically make in between $1,000 to $3,000 per month, depending upon their skills and the kind of work they take.”.
Youre likely to make much more if youre prepared to handle more tough projects or overall tasks with quick turnaround times. Plus, although no experience is required for this transcription job, the more you have, the much better.
To apply, send a resume and take a short transcription test. Like numerous others on our list, GMR Transcripts lets you work when you desire and as frequently as you desire. And all you require to start is a computer system with high-speed web, Microsoft Office, a foot pedal and over-the-ear earphones.
12. Scribie.
Scribie uses basic transcription tasks you can do from home, providing freelancers brief audio clips of 10-minutes or less that you get to choose yourself– that suggests youre not bound to handle any task youre not believing about.
Prior to you apply and take its accreditation test, you can experiment loads of its practice tests to ensure your capabilities depend upon par. The company continuously wants transcribers who can repair automated and manual records since beyond an excellent typist.
When hired, transcription tasks with this service pay $5 to $25 per audio hour. Instead of get a weekly or regular monthly payment, your incomes collect daily in your Scribie account, and you can move them to your linked PayPal account at anytime
A benefit: Heres how to get the really best transcription jobs.
When youre just getting began as a transcriptionist, Ive shared lots of business that are strong choices. Ive had the numerous success– and definitely made the finest cash– discovering my own clients to work for.
This can include a lot of numerous people and professions: pastors, speakers, podcasters, attorneys, doctors, authors, journalists, research study service.
Marketing yourself and browsing for customers is a time-consuming procedure, nevertheless when you find the ideal ones, your earning capacity is much greater working on your own rather of as a subcontractor for another person.
For instance, Rev charges their clients $1 per minute for transcription, and they pay their subcontractors about half of those earnings. You d keep that entire $1/minute to yourself if you have your own customers and charge them the exact same rate.
I usually make in between $30 to 45 per hour when I calculate my per hour rate for transcription jobs. Its a broad range given that some audios take much longer to do than others, depending upon the product and the quality. Ive increased my per hour rate by having high requirements about the kind of audio product I accept and using tricks to increase my speed, such as having a wide range of autocorrects.
Merely keep in mind that when you work for yourself, youre responsible for all of the go-between with your customers and all of the organization management elements of the job, whereas as a subcontractor, all you actually need to concentrate on is the real transcription work.
A few locations to search for your own customers consist of LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and even Craigslist– I discovered my very best client there, in addition to many smaller sized one-off tasks. You might want to share details about your services by yourself website also, like I offer for my business, Q Transcription.
The Transcribe Anywhere course where I did my training includes a module on marketing and developing your organization if this sounds definitely aggravating.
Pro tip: Start with its absolutely free transcription mini-course to see if this market is a fantastic ideal for you
A last note of encouragement.
As you start, remember its OKAY to begin little.
I began as a subcontractor for a variety of big transcription service, and initially, I was taken pleasure in make around $200 a month. As I got quicker and more proficient doing transcription tasks from house, I was able to make more.
After a couple of months, I understood my abilities were worth more, and I began searching for consumers of my own so I might charge a greater rate.
I presently have 4 clients who keep me extremely chaotic, and I no longer work for any of business I began with. Im able to make an excellent earnings each month while staying at home with my kids, which is exactly why I entered transcription in the first location
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